Avcon Jet Goes Green

Climate action is the central piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating a sustainable tomorrow, and reducing carbon emissions falls at the top of the climate action priority list. That is why we are proud to introduce the Avcon Jet Sustainable Aviation Fuel Program, which aims to decrease the carbon footprint of our flight operations and our clients. While we live in times where it seems like all things are working against the environment instead of for it, we want to do our part in protecting our world and strive to become an industry leader in the sustainability standards we set.

What is Sustainable Aviation Fuel and Avcon Jet’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel Program?

Sustainable aviation fuel, otherwise known as SAF, is a biofuel made from sustainably sourced hydro-processed esters and fatty acids (HEFA). The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has identified SAF as the single biggest contributor to the aviation industry’s 2050 Net Zero Carbon Emissions Commitment, with 65% of projected future carbon reductions needing to come from SAF consumption. Thus, SAF’s widespread use is considered to be the crucial first step toward creating a more sustainable aviation industry.

With our partner, 360 Jet Fuel, the Avcon Jet SAF Program kicked off in February 2023 and became available on a book-and-claim basis for all of our charter customers and aircraft owners. At this time, the book-and-claim process is necessary for our SAF initiative because it is only readily available at a small number of airports throughout the world as it is still relatively new to the market. The procedure begins when a customer chooses one of our four offered SAF options. When bought, 360 Jet Fuel guarantees that the amount of SAF claimed by our client is then used to power another flight going from an airport with direct access to the alternative fuel, which happens within the same month it was bought.

Certificate outlines the specific offset

With our carbon offset options, our customers have the ability to fly in an eco-friendlier manner and receive a certificate for their flight in return. The certificate, issued by 360 Jet Fuel, outlines the specific offsets of the flight as well as the SAF percentage bought and the SAF traceability path, which shows where the fuel ended up being used. This credible and reportable emission reduction documentation provides assurance that the transaction is credible and traceable and ensures that the fuel is not being double-claimed.

Sustainable Aviation for a Better Tomorrow

Being in the business of private aviation, we have the responsibility to face the issue of carbon emissions head-on and not turn a blind eye when it comes to sustainability; the industry comes with a privilege that requires responsibility, especially in this area. Sustainable initiatives are of the utmost importance for Avcon Jet and we strive to put every measure we can into place to mitigate our impact on the environment. Creating a more sustainable tomorrow is vital for the preservation of our planet and for the future of all – join us in our step into the next chapter of aviation and consider opting for one of our carbon offsetting options the next time you fly.

Interested in learning more? Visit our sustainability page.