Asset Management

Attention to detail is key

Avcon Jet has been a preferred provider of aircraft management since our founding.We approach aircraft asset management thoroughly and systematically to ensure your jet is maintained at the highest standard both technically and commercially. Our highly qualified team has over 30 years of experience and has concluded over 150 transactions.
Checkups are part of asset management

Aircraft Asset Management

If your private jet is owned by a third party (e.g., a bank), the specific restriction of the legal owner often requires professional management of that aircraft. This specific management requires proactively taking care of the technical maintenance of an aircraft and filing value assumption reports for aircraft owners and leasing institutes.

The main reason Avcon Jet is an ideal pick for the asset management of your aircraft is because most major banks in Europe that offer aircraft financing are already customers of ours. These banks provide our services for both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. They’re also so trusted that we even have one major European airline in our portfolio. Our services are provided not only withe utmost diligence, but the utmost transparency as well, so you’ll never be left guessing how your private jet is being handled. 

Our experts are happy to be your eyes and ears for your aircraft and continuously ensure that all requirements are complied with. We provide creative solutions in the following areas:

Let us take away the hassle of the logistics of private jet ownership and take care of everything for you. Contact us today about managing your aircraft.