At Avcon Jet, we take our responsibility for sustainability seriously. We are dedicated to continually improving upon all of our operations to ensure we are always working with the highest regard for sustainability. While we live in times where it seems many things are working against the environment instead of for it, we want to do our part in protecting our world and strive to become an industry leader in the standards we set. 

From our business in the sky to our business on the ground, we have taken strides to guarantee we are reducing our carbon footprint and are lessening our overall environmental impact. We have begun several initiatives for eco-friendly operations: offering sustainable mobility programs for our employees, such as our e-bike program, empty-leg flight offers, optimizing our office operations to be environmentally friendly, and offering carbon offsetting programs to our customers. Our sustainability department works around the clock to implement the best methods to create long-lasting sustainable initiatives. They are the baseline by which Avcon Jet moves forward in an eco-friendly manner. 

Learn more about sustainable aviation fuel below.


The central component of our sustainability efforts is our carbon offsetting program with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The central component of our sustainability efforts is our carbon offsetting program with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Together with 360 Jet Fuel, we offer SAF for all flights. SAF is a biofuel made from cooking oil, that is used to power aircraft, similar to conventional jet fuel. This new fuel alternative allows you to fly with a smaller carbon footprint and is currently the most environmentally friendly option on the market for air travel. SAF is seen as the future of sustainable aviation, and we are proud to be a part of this new chapter of sustainability in the industry.

Two percent SAF is automatically applied to every flight taken by our customers and aircraft owners. However, to take our sustainability efforts one step further, we also offer several other SAF options that can be applied, including:

  • 10% SAF
  • 35% SAF
  • 100% SAF
  • 125% SAF

The price of SAF is currently twice as much as conventional jet fuel’s cost and the price of each offset option differs between flights. Therefore, every price quote sent out displays the cost of each SAF option in relation to the requested flight routing. After the flight, we issue a final certificate outlining the specific offsets of the trip.

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Because SAF is still new to the market and is not readily available at many airports, it isn’t easy to actually fuel each flight that chooses an offset option with it. Therefore, instead of powering your flight with SAF, we ensure another flight is fueled with the amount of SAF you purchased. When you choose to offset a percentage of your flight, we communicate this directly to 360 Jet Fuel. They then ensure that your chosen allocation of SAF is used to fuel another flight – this is done within the same month you purchased it. You then receive your certificate within two weeks after your completed flight.

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Booking your trip with one of our sustainable aviation fuel options is very simple – all you have to do is follow the steps below:
  1. When you book a flight request online you will receive a price quote shortly after via email. In your price quote, our four carbon offset options will be listed.
  2. Tick the box to the left of the offset option you prefer, and the price of this choice will be reflected in your invoice.
  3. Once your flight request has been approved, you will receive an invoice including the cost of your flight and the cost of your carbon offset choice via email.
  4. When you have paid your invoice in full and your flight has been completed, you will receive your official certificate outlining the CO2 emission reduction of your flight. This can take up to, but not longer than, two weeks after your flight has been completed.
It’s that easy! All you have to do is let us know that you’re interested and we’ll take care of the rest.


Our Sustainable Aviation Fuel Program does not end with flights operated only by us. Suppose you’re an Avcon Jet aircraft owner that must fly with another aircraft through a different operator – private or commercial. In that case, the same offset options are also offered to you. All you have to do is let us know which SAF option you prefer, send us the invoice for your flight, and we’ll calculate the price for you, ensure the percentage of SAF is used elsewhere and will send you your certificate.

Flying sustainably has never been an option in the aviation market until now, and we are proud to take part in this initiative. Help us protect the environment and consider participating in our Sustainable Aviation Fuel program today.

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