Aviation Consulting

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The journey of starting your own aviation enterprise is a difficult one that we understand well. That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to help those trying to breach the industry by offering a wide range of aviation consulting services in business aviation. With extensive knowledge and practical experience in the aviation industry, our consulting team is well-equipped to help guide you in any of your aviation ventures. Let us help your dreams take off.

We not only have charter but also provide aviation consulting.

Aviation Consulting

The Avcon Jet aviation consulting team has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the industry. We are the ideal team to assist you with any and all processes in starting your own aviation company, including:

Aircraft & Project Consulting

Starting your own aviation enterprise is a very complex and demanding endeavor, which is why we’ve put together a well experienced team of specialists to advise you throughout your entrepreneurial journey into the industry. We can provide assistance with everything from feasibility studies by means of complete aviation business plans to all necessary measures for establishing an airline and flight department, including obtaining required certificates and licenses complying with various national and international regulations (FAR, EU, OPS 1, etc.).

A pilot inspecting a jet before a aviation consulting meeting.