Our women of Avcon Jet during the Women of Avition Week

Women of Aviation Week

Celebrating the Women of Avcon Jet

Women of Aviation Week is a globally recognized event in the aviation industry, commemorating the anniversary of the world’s first female pilot license, earned on March 8, 1910, by French aviator Raymonde de Laroche. Her groundbreaking achievement marked a new era, opening doors for women to formally join the field of aviation.

Despite the progress made in the aviation industry since 1910, women still only represent approximately 20% of the global aviation workforce, and girls often have limited exposure to aviation career opportunities, being three times less likely to explore this field. Women of Aviation Week aims to raise awareness about the ongoing challenges of gender parity and equality in the industry, while inspiring young women and girls worldwide to pursue careers in aviation. At Avcon Jet, we take pride in actively doing our part to contribute to gender parity within the industry, with a considerable amount of our staff comprising of women and numerous female department heads.

Navigating a male-dominated field can present challenges for women, but Airworthiness Controller at Avcon Jet, Bernadette Pinckaers, emphasizes, “In my opinion, the biggest challenges facing women in aviation today is to be underestimated, but every time I face this issue, it pushes me to do more and do better to prove that the world of aviation is evolving and changing.”
For some women, the path to aviation is unexpected, as in the case of Sara Krstic, a Flight Operations Support Assistant at Avcon Jet, who stumbled into the industry “completely by accident” after training as a skydiver. “I found out that the place I was skydiving from also offered flying lessons, so I decided to start flying. In the end, I found myself up in the sky again, but this time I was flying the aircraft,” Krstic explains, I just fell in love with the blue sky, the smell of gasoline, and mornings spent on the airfield.”
At Avcon Jet, many women have found their calling in aviation, drawn to the dynamic nature of the industry. Alicja Froböse, Ground Operations Manager and the first Avcon Jet dispatcher graduate from the Sheffield School of Aeronautics, shares her enthusiasm, “In my position, I love that you cannot compare any day to another. Every day is unique. You have different situations, different flights, and nothing is static. I don’t know on Monday which issues I have to solve on Wednesday, and a calm day can change within minutes into a pile of issues that have to be fixed quickly. It’s definitely not boring or repetitive, and I value this a lot,” said Froböse.
Marion Braswell, Compliance Monitoring Manager at Avcon Jet, shares a similar sentiment about her role, “I love my job – after all, part of it consists of continuously reading seemingly endless aviation regulations and verifying our company’s compliance with them; which might be boring for others – but this is not the core of it…I get to interact with absolute newbies all the way up to senior management and can combine my love for reading and learning with exchanging information and mastering challenges together with my colleagues.”
As we celebrate Women of Aviation Week, Avcon Jet proudly acknowledges the invaluable contributions of women throughout our organization, from the cockpit to the boardroom. We are committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace where merit is the sole measure of opportunity and accomplishment. Our diverse team of talented women enhances our success daily, each contributing unique perspectives and expertise to our operations. Together, we stand alongside women in aviation, honoring their past achievements, celebrating their present endeavors, and championing their future aspirations. To those considering a career in aviation, the resounding message from the women at Avcon Jet is clear: never underestimate yourself, seize opportunities, and persist in pursuing your passions. If aviation ignites your enthusiasm, now is your time to soar!