2023 in Review

In 2023, Avcon Jet made great strides with many noteworthy achievements. From the establishment of two new offices to the launch of new sustainability initiatives, we continue to solidify our commitment to responsible business practices and expansion serving clients across the world. Throughout the year, our focus remained steadfast on our passion for aviation, resulting in a record-breaking performance in the skies. With 10.500 completed flights, 20.000 flight hours, and the accommodation of 26.260 passengers worldwide, Avcon Jet continued to set benchmarks in the business aviation industry.

2023 has been a busy one, but we couldn’t be prouder. Let’s take a closer look at all the major milestones of the year.


In an early and notable move, Avcon Jet achieved its first substantial expansion of the year with the establishment of Avcon Jet North America in Miami, U.S.A. This strategic initiative has helped to reach a wider market and enhance the company’s global presence.

In February, Avcon Jet took an important step towards sustainability with the launch of its Sustainable Aviation Fuel Program. This initiative is dedicated to minimizing the carbon footprint associated with both client activities and overall operations. Since its inception, the program has proven successful in achieving these eco-friendly goals.


Avcon Jet, in collaboration with International Jet Management and Sky Flight Academy, introduced their new Dispatch Career Program earlier this year to address the increasing demand for skilled aviation dispatch professionals. The program offers participants hands-on experience through a comprehensive curriculum covering aviation operations and dispatch management.


Remarkable Charter Season

2023 brought the busiest charter season Avcon Jet ever experienced. The month of July, in particular, stood out as an extraordinary period, witnessing flights cross an impressive total distance of 913.121 nautical miles, but the momentum of success was not confined to July alone. The combined distances covered during the summer months of June, July, and August, reveals an even more impressive accomplishment. The flights completed during this period collectively covered a total distance of 2.540.881 nautical miles.

Wyvern Wingman Certification Renewed

Avcon Jet continued to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to safety and operational excellence by renewing the Wyvern Wingman Certificate in June. This certification is one of the hardest to obtain in the industry.


An instrumental change occurred in June with the appointment of Andreas Bierwirth as the new CEO of Avcon Jet. This leadership transition has brought a fresh perspective and great expertise to the company, steering it towards new heights of success in the industry.

Following the successful recertification of the Wyvern Wingman, Avcon Jet celebrated another safety milestone in September with the renewal of their IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations) Stage 2 Certificate.


In October, Avcon Jet took a significant step in facilitating international travel by having its San Marino office join the U.S. Visa Waiver Program. This move has streamlined travel processes for clients and employees.

October marked another significant expansion for Avcon Jet, with the launch of Avcon Jet Middle East in Dubai, U.A.E. This strategic move into the region has demonstrated the company’s commitment to serving as a trusted partner for individuals and corporations around the globe and capitalizing on abundant opportunities in the region.



New fleet additions

In addition to these exciting achievements, we are thrilled to announce a significant expansion within our fleet. This year, we increased our fleet by 12 jets, featuring a diverse selection of manufacturers and models.

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